Thursday, 8 April 2010

Two for one: TMI and Thankful Thursday. You're welcome.

Among most of you who read my blog, it's TMI Thursday (which for those of you who live underground or maybe watch too much Sarah Silverman stands for Too Much Information). So, if you need to be grossed out on this fine Thursday, here goes:

The boogers I have had since moving to Minneapolis may be killing me.

I don't think I've used a heater in four years. I never needed it in Phoenix. Now I have a radiator. I live in a building that has two units on my floor and the lady in the other apartment controls the thermostat and keeps it set at 85 degrees. It's April and it's unseasonably warm so I find that I'm pitty by noon every day. AND it's causing hard boogers and bloody noses every morning. People may think I have a little nose candy (which is terrible slang because that sounds delicious. I wish I could eat candy with my nose) problem the way I rub my nose constantly and it starts bleeding all of the time. It's killing me softly. No, that's his smile? His eyes? I don't know. Is it possible to die of hard boogers? If I don't write for awhile, you all know what happened. Be outraged.

There's your TMI. Meditate on it.

Now, I've decided this Thursday for me is going to be Thankful Thursday and I'm looking at you blogoverse.

Most of you know about a month ago I moved from Phoenix to Minneapolis. I really didn't think it was going to be a big deal for a lot of reasons:

A.) I hate Phoenix. The city: Flat, brown, hot, and to me just not the right scene.
B.) Phoenix never felt like home. I'm from Ohio and I'm a Midwesterner at heart. I need hot dish and cheap beer to thrive.
C.) I'd been visiting Minneapolis almost monthly for a year and I loved it. The vibe. The weather. The people. Just the general feeling I got walking down the street.
D.) I already had some friends I was looking forward to hanging out with in MN.
E.) VC lives here and I was really wanting to spend time more regularly with him and have more of a "normal" thing happening. (LDRs are not normal even though I think we gave it an amazing go and I'm proud of us. More on this later.)

I've moved around a lot in life. Lived in lots of states. Spent a few months here and there. It's always been fun, not stressful. So, I packed up and moved with a "catch ya later, sucka" attitude. Um, yeah, that didn't really work out for me. I don't know why. Maybe it was too much all at once. Maybe I'm just really getting old and more needy of my routine.

I got here and the first few days felt like a party and it was wonderful. Then Martini (who helped drive my butt out here -- and I still owe you stories from that roadtrip) left and VC went back to work and normal life and here I was in an empty apartment (because I sold all my worldly possessions instead of moving them. I'm lazy.) feeling very alone and lost. And then I got up to go to work, except work was right here in the same empty apartment. I was sitting in my bed - because I had no couch - on my laptop all day, every day. No trip to the office kitchen for coffee. No gossip at the assistant's desk. No lunch dates with friends. I freaked out. I admit. I started second guessing my decision.

And I let on about it on Twatter. And a bit on Blip (which I lurve very much and if you don't Blip and you like music I highly recommend trying it.) And then this AMAZING thing happened. I was reminded that I wasn't alone at all. People were twatting me and writing me emails and helping me work it all out. They were helping me think through feelings and remember that I did an AWESOME thing by moving. A BRAVE thing. A thing that was going to be INCREDIBLE as soon as I adjusted. And they were all right. I'm totally settling in and loving my new home and neighborhood and my proximity to the BF (who, to his credit, was about as understanding as a boy can be through the worst of my emotional meltdown. He pretty much kicks ass as BF. Woot.)

So today I am shouting out to all of you. You're amazing people. Some of you I've met. Some of us are "in person" friends. Some of you I hope to meet some day (DC Tweet Up 2010 peeps!) But you've all been supporters of me in some way over the last year providing advice, laughter, or a just lending a friendly ear (or eye? that sounds gross) and I gots nothing but love for you babies.

Some people still don't get the power of online networking. To them, I say puh-lease. My mom met her (third) husband online 10 years ago. To quote the Greatest Movie Ever, Wayne's World: Get with the now.

I still have "real" friends - those I get to go to lunch with and stuff, but I consider you all my friends, too. There's been many a night when Jordan and I were both simultaneously drinking too much wine, surfing for kitten videos on YouTube and making jokes about it. And talking about it, just not in person, over the Twat. It's how we communicate now. And it's made my life better. So, there's your sappy from me. I hope you hug it and squeeze it and call it George.

And here are my Rock stars: (If I forgot someone I'm IMMENSELY sorry. Please don't hate me. It was a lot of linking and like I said above, I'm lazy. Purty please. I need acceptance. I'll buy you a pony. Or make you pickles. It's my new hobby.)








  1. I actually WOULD like some pickles.

    And thank you so much! :-)

  2. Aaaww thanks friend, you are the best. I feel the same way about people online and consider them my friends. Sometimes I find myself telling my "real friends" a story about someone I know from twitter or blogging and I'm always like "Oh my friend told me this story" even though I might never meet some of these people I consider them my friends. I used to think the internet was just for porn, but ya know what? It's not. There is so much awesomeness out there.

  3. Get a cold air humidifier for the nose:

    The link is appreciated but jennamariebee might not appreciate being linked to my URL too :)

    Keep it up, it only gets better. After nearly 8 years here I finally call it home. Oh and let me know when you want to try some of that tater tot casserole :)

  4. Girl, get over here! Big Texas hug!

  5. Lady I think you need a humidifier. Might help with the nose bleeds. I don't want to lose you to boogers and nose bleeds.

    Thanks lovely for the shoutout. I don't think I did all that much, but I'm glad I could have been some sort of help! :)

  6. Thank you so much! And, as someone who is still in Phoenix, let me just emphasize that yes, you made the right decision to GTFO of here when you did. I can't WAIT to leave. I hope you're happy in your new digs. XOXOXO

  7. I would have given you a REAL big hug. But then I would have been that creepy internet person you'd never met who's hugging you. It might have been a tad awkward.

    I'm climbing out of my funk, too, so I'm really happy to hear that your mood is lifting and you're feeling better about your decision.

    Three words: Halloween in DC!

  8. I MADE THE LIST! AND I'M THE FIRST ONE! I WIIIIIIN SUCKAS!!! oh, you moved? i hadn't realized...

    naw, just kiddin' thanks for the huggies, i really appreciate it. what a pleasant thing to start the internetting day. it's totes scary to pick everything up and move, you are totally brave and inspiring. one day when i move i'm going to have to remember this because even though i hate texas i loves me some of the peoples here. congrats on finding your happy place :)

    and boogers? i think because i have a small nose i get the worst of it. so my nose and i feel you on that one. *picks nose*

  9. Cool Runnings is the greatest movie ever.


  10. Once I shove this baby out of my hoo-hah I think we should get together for drinks. I will most likely be the biggest light weight you will ever meet by that point but that will just mean I'll bring the fun! Whoo hoo! :)

  11. I have one of those booger-suckers for babies somewhere around here (don't ask why...), so I'll send it your way. It's only been used for non-booger-sucking activities, so it should be clean.

    Oh, and I miss you (and keep missing you when you come to PHX, due to illness.) Have a wonderful time in MPS.

  12. I love the Golden Girls theme song!

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