Wednesday, 22 July 2009

It's Limerick Wednesday! Bring out your inner Irishperson.

I’m renaming today Limerick Wednesday.

I’m kind of sick of all the Wordless Wednesdays (although not Kellie’s Not So Wordless Wednesday), Music Mondays, etc. They’re getting boring to me.

Limericks are funny. And dirty. I’ve had nasty limericks I learned from the kids I hung out with when I lived for a brief while in Ireland way too many years ago stuck in my head for a few days.

It’s because I got turned on to the show Home Movies by VC while in Mpls this past weekend and there’s an episode where Coach McGuirk talks about writing one and it just cracked me up.

Anyways, I’m a bit moody and in need of cheering up, so entertain me with limericks people! I’m turning this space over to you! I made a lame stab at one below. Maybe I’ll try again later after I’m inspired by all your creativity and filthy hilariousness.

I’d make it a contest, but I don’t know what the winner would get. I’m terrible at contests. Just ask Bow Chica Bow Wow. She still hasn’t received her follower prize (Sorry! I’m the pits.)

Maybe the winner gets to have their limerick and blogsite in a special widget all their own on my page for a whiles. I know how GLAMOROUS! You know how bad you want it.

So here goes. Don’t be slackers people, I’m expecting this to be a sensation (that’s what she said):

SG is not a fan of Hump Day
And thinks it’s a misnomer anyway
She’s not getting any
Cuz her BF’s in Minne
She’s crabby and done with this workday


  1. I sent Martini a limerick on her birthday. I'm the limerick king!

    There once was a blog with this girl
    who wrote about times that she hurled
    one day she got drunk
    and so to herself she did thunk
    about how rs27 is best in the world.

  2. Crud. Limericks are hard! Hope you had fun in Minne! I want to hear about your escapades on Sat! Sorry we didn't make it out there. Ended up BBQ'ing at our place and getting really drunk. Oops! :)

    There once was a girl who lived in Minne
    She drank too much and scraped her knee
    Her husband said she shouldn't drink
    It made her want to drown him in a sink
    Instead she decided to have another beer

    I think I just won an award for the worst limerick EVER. :)

  3. RS, that b-day limerick was the best!! How do I top that?

    There once were two girls who were single
    And after a few, known to mingle
    One always yelled, "SHOTS!"
    The other yelled, "LOTS!"
    And inevitably then had to tinkle.

  4. LOL! Martini's is awesome! Okay, here's a limerick for my favorite tiny person...

    There once were two girls who loved beans & cheese.
    They thought they could beat giant burritos with ease.
    Once a hot waiter said enough is enough!
    And that's when the girls had to play rough
    But sadly their tummies said no more, please!

  5. rs27 - You really are the best. In. The. World. Word.

    Kellie - That was lovely. Truly. And how dare Wade!

    Martini - hee hee. Classic.

    A. - Beans. Cheese. Hot Waiter. Done, done and done.