Thursday, 26 March 2009

If I were a boy ...

I would wear these amazing cuff links from Etsy. Why is that movie soooo amazing? And what could I wear these cuff links with ...

You could easily insert me into this scene (And I'd make a way better chick KK than Hillary Swank):

Miyagi: Karate come from China, sixteenth century, called te, "hand." Hundred year later, Miyagi ancestor bring to Okinawa, call *kara*-te, "empty hand."

Daniel (played by yours truly): I thought it came from Buddhist temples and stuff like that.

Miyagi: You watch too much TV.



  1. If I were a boy I'd wear those...

  2. Phoenix Native in da house!!!! Sorry, that was retarded......Hey I dont conform to the gender roles of todays society! Monday morning conference call, me, my french cuff button up, black skirt and these babies (points to cuff links)!