Friday, 20 March 2009

Please to meet you. Really, I am.

So, last year was kinda crappy. I found out my (now ex) boyfriend is a drug addict who built our relationship on A LOT of lies. I had to (temporarily!) move back in with my mom. My only half paid for car completely died and I had to get another one because Phoenix is a bitch and you have to drive everywhere here, thus two car loans just when I thought I had a job that would allow me to buy sweet shoes and get out of debt. Oh, and I got a cancer diagnosis -- for the second time. Amazing.

I just turned the big 3-0 and I’m trying to get my shiz together and act all grown up and stuff. Have a fab new pad in downtown, which I heart. Have awesome friends. Have a new job so I’m making those car payments on time. Kicked that cancer hard in the sack. I'm a single girl, just trying to make her way in the world ... Blech. I digress. Seriously, I’m doing alright. Mostly.

There is the drinking … more on that later.

Anyway. I’m a writer by profession, but I never write anything fun anymore, thus this blog. You probably won’t believe someone pays me to write when you see how many typos and misplaced commas show up in this here. Oh, and I love parantheticals, so if that annoys you, run now (seriously, RUN!)

I’m not a good self editor. This applies to my life in general. I’m kind of an oversharer. (Aren’t all bloggers? Isn’t that kind of the point of blogging?) I’m not sure where exactly I’ll go with this thing, but hopefully you’ll come along for the ride. I think it might entertain you, but I may regret it later.

Now good day, sir (I've just really wanted to incorporate that phrase into my daily life more. It really doesn't fit there, huh?)

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