Friday, 20 March 2009

Step away from the phone

Why do I suck at texting? Like when I try to write “compliment” and it comes out “compflizent.” That’s not even a word.

I think it’s a combination of my bad typing skills and my failure to read things before pressing “send” that gets me into trouble.

And then there’s the drinking …

I tried to send my Long Distance Love Interest a text on my birthday telling him that he should send me a present (because I have no shame and I love presents) and it came out like this: “Did me send me something for me birthday?” I’m not kidding. Who am I? The Lucky Charms leprechaun? You can’t make this stuff up.

My friend Blah Blah says when she’s been out on the town drinking she immediately erases all the text messages from her phone so she can’t be embarrassed by anything she may have done (there are exceptions. I’ll explain our 2 a.m. text drinking games later. Pure Brilliance). However, I like to live in Opposite World from the more rational and sane Blah Blah. I keep all random drunk texts. A friend suggested to me once that I put that app thing on my phone to spare others from receiving these awful texts, especially in the middle of the night. But My Long Distance Love Interest gets a kick out of them. He likes to forward them back to me and say “Remember this?” To which I quickly respond, “No. I mean, of course! Wasn't that a hilarious joke? Heh heh.”

I kind of look forward to piecing together the previous evening via my in and out boxes. (Yeah, I said peicing together ... it's sad. You'll see.) Is it painful? Sometimes. Does is clear things up? Again, sometimes. Is it entertaining? Almost always. See above where I mention that I have no shame.

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