Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Guess who's an auntie!?!

Me!!! Check her out. She came a month early but is a healthy little nugget says the doc.
I got the call as I was leaving work today. She lives on the other side of the country, so this picture is all I get for now.
My sister is officially the model of perfection. Sweet and cute; college-educated; good looking, smart, attentive husband from a good family, with an army job; church-going; and now a perfect little girl. If I didn't love her so damn much, I'd probably hate her -- there's a fine line you know.

I was elated when I found out my sis was pregs. I dreamed of all the little outfits I'd buy her, and how I'd take her to the ballet and teach her to pick out the perfect nail polish based on the season (and some more gender neutral stuff I can't think of right now.)

I also thought it would take the pressure off of me to push my own out, but it only made people give me sad looks and start whispering when I entered the room.

I'm OK with not having that right now (LIES! LYING LIAR WHO LIES!!!) because I know it will happen if/when it should. (In all honesty, I've thought of adopting for a long time, so this will remain a no push zone.)

My sister says she always wanted an aunt who was smart, a little weird, and would travel around the world and teach her things and bring her presents (our only biological aunt is an alcoholic mess who never traveled anywhere more exotic than the drunk tank.) She says I can be that for her baby. Besides, I don't really have the patience or regulated serotonin level for a child right now.

As I started to write this post my dog was running around the apartment, whimpering in a panic, with a Beggin' Strip in his mouth trying to figure out a place to hide it and I was all "B, I swear if you don't hide that thing or swallow it right now I will hide it up your butt!"

I don't think CPS would think I was funny.
So it's auntie SG for me! I can't wait to meet her in person. And the crazy genes in my family will survive another generation.


  1. Congrats Auntie Single Grrrl! She's a beautiful baby!! :)

  2. Congratulations!!! Being an auntie is so much fun, you get to spoil her with all the cutest things!

  3. "I will hide it up your butt!" haha.... Oh my god, I need to work that into casual conversation today.

    Oh, and CONGRATS (again)! She is so cute and chubby for being early! Oh, my ovaries hurt.

  4. Congrats! She's adorable!

    Oh and your dog running around trying to hide a beggin strip is hilarious! I can totally picture it. My dog loves those things so much that he chokes them down whole and then gags for 5 minutes. Ridonk.

  5. Thanks All! It's so exciting.

    Cristina, you bet your sweet behind I already have bagafuls of cute stuff to bring when I fly out there!

    Martini, it would have been better if you worked in "I'll hide it up your mom's butt."

    Kellie, do you have a little Chihuahua, too? I swear B will eat that whole thing in one bite and then lay around for an hour with a belly ache but completely content -- dogs are weird.