Friday, 3 April 2009

This girl is breaking out of her urban loft stinky cagey thing. Can I get a Whoo hoo?

I'm getting ready to do what any normal person with a broken arm, sprained wrist and busted knee cap would do on a Friday night.

I just took my pain pill with a swig of chardonnay and I'm going to walk around downtown. '

I feel this is one of those rare moments when a "whoo hoo!!!" is appropriate. First Fridays, how do I love thee?

I'm meeting some friends for dinner ( by meeting I mean in the hallway of my apartment. Still not driving anywhere) and then getting our culture on at this monthly art walk that happens literally right outside my door. I can't stand being couped up anymore. Last night I actually watched Beauty Shop (starring the Queen, who I love ... in other things.) but I was entertained because I'm seriously THAT bored! When they did "Sashay, Shantay" (however you spell that) to the hot guy with the braids who they thought was gay but really he just liked the white girl -- of boy, I laughed and laughed.

I'm sure my neighbors think I've lost it in here.

Wish me luck. I have a feeling you'll all be subject to Blogging Under the Influence from SG later.


  1. Next blog post: How I did not heed the doctor's advice to avoid "wild dancing."

  2. lol...nothing wrong with mixing pain killers and wine, it makes them work faster!

  3. Hope you had fun and can't wait to hear about it! And painkillers w/ alcohol...been there done that and although it is okay in my book (alcohol is almost always okay, unless your preggos) you've got to be careful b/c it really sneaks up on you fast! :)