Wednesday, 8 April 2009

I'll be there for you, blah, blah, blah

There are many joys to living were I do.

One of my best friends lives in my building. There's a train stop directly across the street. From my balcony I can see beautiful mountains in one direction and a twinkley city skyline in the other. I have cement floors so if Little B pees it only takes a Swiffer for it to smell Fabreeze fresh again (I drop product names like bombs. Who am I? Rachel Ray ... note to self: be slightly louder and more annoying to fulfill Be Like Rachel Ray aspirations).

Another huge perk is that I live exactly three floors directly above a coffee shop (perk, coffee shop, get the word play, or pun if you will?? So. Tired. Insomnia bad.) run by delightful (clean) hippies who sell fair trade stuff.

Many mornings I wake up to the smell of fresh brewed coffee and think, "I'm going to call Phoebe and Joey and see if thet want to meet downstairs for a latte." Then I remember I'm not a member of the Friends cast (dammit! why must all my dreams be shattered?) so I go by myself to get my chai, usually still in my jammies so I can look at people in their "work clothes" like they're the weird ones. I'm a big fan of making eye contact with strangers for three seconds too long to watch what they'll do. Makes me feel like I'm on the Discovery Channel. Or that I'm Larry King.

Anyway, another awesome thing about this coffee place is that a friend of mine hosts a poetry slam there a couple times a month. Martini turned me on to slams a few years ago and now it's something I really dig. I wanted to post a video of the featured poet from tonight, Doc Luben, but I couldn't find any I really liked. So, instead I bring you a spoken word performance from a friend of mine out of Chicago who is really amazing. If you haven't given slam a chance, check this out. I think you like. (Seriously, what do you think?)


  1. That video is awesome! You may have inspired me to hit up a poetry slam. Although, I'm not sure they have those in East TN.

  2. Oh...poets. My weakness next to boys with tattoos, vodka and anything covered in cheese.
    (I love our building too!)

  3. You and Martini live in the same building?

    Naked Blog off!

    Ok, that was unbelievably nerdy and inappropriate. I'll never be back here.

  4. I'm going to have to watch that tonight at home. Sounds interesting though! I WISH I had a coffee shop at my house. That would be oh so rad.

  5. Now I want to go get coffee in my jammies. But for me, that would involve...well, probably getting raped, but definitely being very uncomfortable for 2.5 miles.

  6. HTWS -- I don't know much about TN other than that I drove through Nashville once in a storm and it smelled like garbage. But they do have slams in Knoxsville -- near you?

    Martini - cheese ... ha!

    RS -- we've already had one. We called a draw.

    Kellie --I love the word rad so much Let's bring that back like Justin did with sexy.

    shine -- coffee is not worth it. I'll FedEx ya a little Kona blend and a tape of me making a high pitched squealing sound and you'll feel just like you're in a cafe.