Tuesday, 28 April 2009

SG goes all Hollywood on yo ass (or at least in her own mind)

My work days have been packed with, well, work – boo! So there hasn’t been much time to write from my desk. And my weekend was pretty much eaten up by bad decisions and about 10 rounds with Depression in which the Big D KO’d me early Sunday.

I’m going through some big downer kind of stuff that I’ve been contemplating writing about here. Truth is, it doesn’t serve much purpose other than to bum you guys out, so I’ll probably skip it for now, but just know that when I don’t write for days it’s not you, it’s me. For realz.

I’m going bezerkers at my desk today.

Many days I think I’m simply not cut out for this work stuff and this is one of them. For one, I have a bad video game habit. Have since Atari. Right now I’m in the secret laboratory dungeon on Persona 4 and I REALLY want to fight those shadows and find out what happens next. I sit here thinking, “Would my boss really notice if I slipped out for a few hours? I must know if those teens catch the killer and return Inuba to its former quiet state!”

Also, I’m about to be the next Food Network star. Well, maybe not. But I am being considered for one of the cooking challenge shows and I have to finish writing my recipes and get them to the casting director by tomorrow! This means I need to leave work early, go shopping for all the yummy ingredients, make the dishes all one more time, invite over taste testers and quadruple check the recipes I’ve written -- all in the next 12 hours. Do I have to do this AGAIN, you may be asking. My OCD brain answers, yes! Besides, I want to win this biatch. Big cash prizes, fame, fortune, a marriage to Christian Bale, a house in the English countryside, babies that look like Harry Potter and have magical skills … whoa. Carried away. Seriously people. The Food Network changes lives. Have you seen the Rachel Ray story?

All this is to say sitting here thinking about the precise wording to use in a gift acceptance policy is not exactly enough to keep my attention right now.

I will leave you with this little gem. It’s the trailer for a “Lifetime summer movie event” (again, not Hushed Rapings.) If you watch the movie closely when it premieres on May 30, and you know what you’re looking for, you will see me and Martini. It’s going to be awesome(ly bad – but seeing me and my besties Martini and Sarah Chalke on the small screen will be great, right?)

* Dumb Lifetime will not let me embed so you'll have to click here: Maneater. It's soooooo worth it. (Not really, but if you're reading this you probably have nothing better to do ;-)


  1. First things first. I am an excellent taste tester!

    Second: You cannot have Christian Bale. He's mine. I'll fight you for him, and I'm bigger than you.

    Third: You're going to update us on when we can check you out on the Food Network, right? I am ADDICTED to the Food Network. And I love the way Bobby Flay is all, "Oh yeah, you think you're good at making that? I bet I can kick your ass!" But then he loses.

    Now I've totally weirded myself out by the fact that I just prioritized food over Christian Bale. I never do that.

  2. Mmmm...Christian Bale. I'd totally tap that.

    Did I just sound like a man there? Oops. Well, I would. :)

  3. That is so great! You better freaking tell us if you're on...what is the challenge? I love the food network!

  4. I sure hope 'knowing wha to look for' = zeroing in on the boobs. then I should be able to spot you two....

  5. God, I wish it was called "Hushed Rapings."

  6. i am addicted to food network!! <3 Michael Symon is my bitch! (i wish)

  7. You're a girl and you like video games and you're single?

    this is impossible. you don't exist. Like dinsaurs.