Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Tales of Pulitzer Prize winners and menopausal women (neither groups include me)

A couple of items of business:

1.) I used to work with this guy:

Yesterday I found out he won the Pulitzer Prize for local reporting. I remember sitting next to him and kind of bitching because I had to pick up a lot of extra work while he was toiling away on the project he is now being honored for. I was also working on a project and I was bitter about the long hours I was putting in, the lack of resources, support, etc. I’m not in journalism anymore. I actually really came to hate it over the eight years (whoa, did I just admit that?) that I did it. Not the idea of it, the idea is great. But the actual practice sucked monkey sac, in my humble opinion.

But some people totally thrive doing it. He does and now he’s winning this awesome prize. Journalism is not for everyone. It’s thankless and tiring. People actually take time out of their day to write you letters telling you how hard you suck. They heckle you. Who else gets audibly heckled other than outfielders and comedians? People who are good at journalism should be supported. Leave this blog and read a newspaper (even if it’s just the food section, which is usually what I read)!

2.) I don’t think I will survive the summer in my office full of menopausal women. It’s only April 21 and they are already freezing me out of this place with the air turned down to like 55 degree. Doesn’t your heart stop beating at this temperature? I kid you not, I have a sweater around my legs, slippers on my feet and a blanket on my shoulders and the woman in the office next to me says she’s sweating. I only weigh like 100 pounds people – I need some heat! I actually hold hot cups of water in my hands so I can keep typing. I moved away from Ohio for a reason people.

3.) After some thought and feedback I realized that my giveaway idea was completely lame because now everyone is just going to wait to follow until No. 19 comes along. Plus, what about those early followers who stood by my side from the beginning? Will I just leave them out in the cold (or in my frigid office) with no Bible flask? Therefore, amendment: There will be a random drawing from the first 20 followers for a fantastic prize.


  1. I don't follow on the google blog, but I read every one. Where's my prize?!?!

    Maybe a Martini boob shot. I'm ok with that.

    I was a journalism major for 3 years in college. I made fun of all of the kids. It was time to get out.

  2. Oh, bible flask, you shall be mine.

  3. oh no...you're right SG, the crazy menopausal women are going to start the fan and air conditioner war soon! At least it's better than an office with lingering BO!

  4. There is a silent thermostat war going on at my office. For some reason I am always comfortable but my 2 co-workers are always the opposite of each other. It's hilarious. So is the thermostat anywhere you can get to it? Change it w/o them knowing!

    Oh and I totally want that cell phone flask that Martini had on her blog. Or the Bible flask, either way I'd be good w/ it! :)

  5. rs27: I think it's bad form to ask to see the boobs of another blogger here. What about my boobs. They're perfectly nice. Just saying ...

    Martini: People would certainly cry "conspiracy" if you won, but I don't care, so it's yours! Kidding. But you do have a BD coming up.

    Cristina: Wow. so true. Hadn't thought of that.

    Kellie: You feel my pain. Which is good because I can't feel it -- my fingers are numb.

  6. My boss doesn't understand that when he switches from heat to cool on the thermostat, he might want to adjust the temperature. So for the first couple of days, until one of us realizes what's happened, it's blazing hot or freezing cold.

    Of course, my boss also thinks that his printed out spreadsheet should automatically add things for him, so...