Wednesday, 15 April 2009

My current events update, one week later. Or: Why, Obama, why?

Um, I know this is a little late but: WHAT?!? They killed off Kutner on House?

Why Mr. President, why pick Kal Penn for your admin? Why not this guy – he’s cute and we know that show is tanking? Or this gal – because, seriously who hasn’t wished they could do some of the stuff she does in movies? (or in bed, know what I’m saying? I don't even know what I'm saying)*

I read about this subject over at rs27’s blog almost a week ago, but I just didn’t connect that being the representative of Asian Americans everywhere would mean leaving the show! Is this really a full-time job? I want more accountability in government, darn it!

I watch the House on hulu because I’m rarely in da house by 7 p.m., which is when it’s on here. They post a new episode 8 days after it originally aired (thanks for that Fox. As always, keeping the best interest of the people in mind.) So last night I turn it on to watch what serves as the “new” episode in SG’s magical world where I can watch my programs on the special Data Box at the touch of a button (as long as I wait more than a week!)

I’m not really paying attention until I see 13’s face covered in blood and some legs kind of hanging out in the doorway. REWIND. OMG.

“NOOOOOOOOO, Not Kutner!!!” I kid you not, a tear ran down my face and I actually said these words to Little B.

Kutner was my favorite (besides that ass House and Robert Sean Leonard -- the latter because I have wanted to MARRY him since Dead Poets Society -- "Tell me why they swoon?") He was always so sweet and naive and giving and helpful, like me (only nothing like me).

Why? Why not Cutty with those ri-DONK-ulous bangs. Shudder. I would be OK with not seeing those again. Wait … not Asian … thwarted.

Also, wow, I need to pay more attention to current events.

Also, why is it that when we write words like deets (for details) or peen (for penis) -- you all do that, right? --we add an extra “e”? English is a confusing language. I wish more of my friends knew Japanese, I’d just speak to them in Nihongo, bitches. Maybe I’ll write a letter to Kal Penn regarding this matter. I am the voice of the people. Omoshiroi …

Have you seen my punkymood? I’m seriously distracted today. It’s better than depressed though.

*I have no idea what the political leanings of these people are, just that they are attractive and/or do kick butt martial arts, which is all that should really matter, right?


  1. How can we possibly live without Harold and Kumar 3? Obviously someone didn't think this plan through.

  2. I don't watch House but even I was in the loop on this one before you. Nothing like making you wait to watch the show!

    And I don't know why but whenever I say peen I giggle like a little school girl. It's just fun/funny to say. :)

  3. Dude, Kutner was my fave. I've also had a crush on him since Harold and Kumar, which I didn't even like. So sad :(